Android PS3 Gamepad problem (ports)

Hello, I’m using the ps3 game for my s5 galaxy through the utg cable. The problem of the cable and the port is, it can happen, that it put it off :frowning: Then I’m loosing my connection to my controller, if I put it again, there is a message: gamepad gpd xd configured to port #1

I can’t press nothing anymore again put it out and on: gamepad gpd xd configured to port #2 again gamepad gpd xd configured to port #3

and so on till #8, on #0 I’ve again the connection.

I’ve put already max user to 1, but it still doesn’t work. If I put max user to 16, logical it should be: max port#15

but untill #8 it ends. What can I do now, its really annyoing, to put it out 7-8x times to have connection again to my gamepad…?

no ones can help?..

wow. none can help me. great…