Android TV Channels

Does anyone have any information about how one would go about getting custom channels set up for Android TV to work with RetroArch? I saw one user posted about how they got it to work, but there were no details about how to go about doing it. There was also a link back to this forum which doesn’t exist anymore.

For details about what I am talking about, there are screenshots in this link:

That contributor no longer works on RetroArch, unfortunately, and that was just a proof-of-concept he was working on at the time.

This is a feature that would make the retro-gaming on Android TVs a lot more immersive! To turn on your TV and immediately see all the games you have been playing and can continue with one click. I would love to see this implemented. Are there any RetroArch contributors who can pick up Radius’ code and finish it? Maybe just adding it to the options with a big beta warning.

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Is the proof-of-concept code available anywhere?