Annoying info screens!

Hi. I’m fairly new to this so please be understanding. When I load a ROM in retroarch is there a way to skip that annoying popup info box that go on about CPU and sound etc.? I’m sure they weren’t displaying before but for some reason I can’t get rid of them now. I also have that screen that asks am I legally entitled to play the game but after playing a game once that disappears so I’m not so bothered about that one. But I can’t get rid of the info screen ! PLEASE HELP?!?!


If you mean with the MAME core(s), that’s built into the program (i.e., MAME, not RetroArch) and requires a patch to remove. Some of the cores have options to disable them in the quick menu > options.

How do I find the quick menu>options? I am using retroarch 1.1 if that’s any help. I have tried newer versions of retroarch and I still get that info popup before the game.

Load a game, go back into the menu.

You, my friend, are my hero today! THANK YOU! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heh, glad you got it fixed up :slight_smile:

Hey i am having the same problem and i tried to do hunter told but i couldn’t understand where to get to the quick menu can someone help?