Any finished builds to help those have had success with RetroArch?

I’ve always been impressed with RetroArch’s feedback, but for the life of me have never gotten it to work about 2 years. I’m a content creator so, sadly my time is limited, but to have this would be a dream. I’ve learned enough over a couple years to say I followed the instructions correctly. Yet, I’ve never had any success with this thing. I guess I’m calling this last attempt at getting to work, but I’m kinda over it at this point. All the similar issues seem to be fixed with a simple “Load the Core” or “You have a bad bois” but this isn’t the case for me. So I’m hoping to get some help with this. Maybe a finished build bios build is too much to ask for? I’m just hoping to get 1 of these emulators working. Yet, like I said, I’m beginning to get over the fact that I can’t use it and go else where that’s easier to manage.

We can’t provide you with BIOSes, as they are copyrighted content, just like ROMs.

I’m happy to help you out, but we need a log of a failure and some more context information. For example, your OS, which cores you’ve tried, which games/content you’ve tried, etc.

Yeah the BIOS files are a pain if you don’t know what goes where and why (and that is true for every emulator)… at least until i found the documentation here:

Click on Core documentation and then the core you want to use, it will tell you what BIOS files you need and it includes the hash (CRC/MD5/SHA) values as well so you can check that what you are using is the correct file.

If that doesn’t do it then your problem is somewhere else.

Talking about where you can find the files is a big NO NO because the stuff is copyrighted and no emulator developer anywhere wants legal trouble.

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