Any way to get screenshots with the Vulcan driver?


Even Bandicam seems to have issues with getting screen captures with Vulkun. Is there any way Retroarch can do it? It’s tedious to have to keep switching to GL or something else just to get screen captures.


Does the built-in screenshot function not work for you? There was a longstanding issue with vulkan screenshots where the red and blue channels were swapped, but I believe that was fixed in a recent commit.


No, it doesn’t. Using the Vulkun driver I always get a black screen. Using the latest RA with VICE x64, btw. I also can’t remap the default Screenshot key (F8) for some reason.


Well, I found out the issue. I’m using a custom cfg file with VICE x64 and I’m using custom viewports so I can fill more of the screen with the C64 screen. For some reason, it completely disables the F8 Screenshot ability. In fact, it seems to even freeze RA. If I go back to core provided Aspect Ratio instead of Custom it works fine. Is there a workaround for this?


is that only when the viewport is larger than your actual screen?


I’m guessing yes. My custom viewport aspect ratios (4:3) are

custom_viewport_height = “1464” custom_viewport_width = “1952” custom_viewport_x = “-17” custom_viewport_y = “-186”

My screen resolution on my Vizio 43" television is a fairly standard 1920x1080. I don’t think F8 Screenshot even works with GL under these conditions


Correction: it’s only the Vulkan driver that causes the issue. Switching to GL allows F8 Screenshots, even with custom viewports.