Any way to save FBN Unibios settings?

I’m using Unibios for a lot of my Neo Geo MVS roms in order to de-censor them (red blood instead of white or green, for example). This is done by applying a “cheat” in the Unibios. This works great; but it appears that as soon as I close the game and re-open, the setting is disabled again. Anyone know how to make it stick?

Why so complicated?

Usually you can change blood settings in the dipswitch menu of most games (mslug for example).

In FBNeo you can enable the dipswitch menu either by pressing the keycombo defined in the options (FBNeo quick menu - Options - diagnostic input - “keycombo”) or bei enabling the dipswitch menu (FBNeo quick menu - Options - [Dipswitch] Setting mode - ON)

For MAME you can read this thread: (post 9 and 14)


At least on my system (Windows - RetroArch nightly from today - latest FBNeo core & latest MAME core [0.226]) Unibios settings are remembered.

Keycombo A+B+C brings up the Unibios menu and the changes (region, mode) are remembered on the next start.

Cheats through the Unibios ingame menu (Start+A+B+C or Start+Select or Start+Coin) have to be enabled on every start.
No way to save those settings.