Anyone running Retroarch on FTV4K?

So I just picked up a Firestick 4K (solely for Disney+) and installed RA.

I’m getting such bad sound lag, even lowering it to 64 ms, in contra when you shoot there is like a 300ms delay between the animation and the sound. I can’t remedy it. Tried changing drivers, no difference.

The input lag is atrocious compared to my Windows installation I use on the same TV using the same DS4 controller. Even with GPU sync at 0, swap images at 1, and run ahead at 2 frames, threaded video disabled, etc. There was little to no improvement. I tried changing video drivers to Vulkan but RA boots to a black screen with it enabled, yet it says Android is compatible with Vulkan.

I thought Android was supposed to be an awesome platform for emulation but these problems don’t even happen on the RPI, yet the FSTV4K is more powerful than the RPI4.

Anyone else run into issues on the FSTV?