Applying cheats...Parallel 2rc core to crash 1.6.7 and recent builds!




Applying “cheat changes” causes Parallel 2rc core to crash 1.6.7 and MOST recent builds!

Expected behavior

Retroarch continues to run with applicable core at the very least!

It crashes INSTANTLY! 1.Load core… 2.Load game ‘content’… 3.load any previous game state if applicable… 4.Menu toggle back… 5.Browse to Cheats from Quick Menu… 6.Toggle ANY cheat of applicable game to ‘ON’… 7.Apply “cheat changes”…

Bisect Results

When I started using Parallel 2rc version of core…and entered a

Version/Commit •Retroarch versions 1.6.7 and MOST recent build.

Environment information •OS: WIN 8.1 [The operating system you’re running] •Compiler: NON-APPLICABLE