Arbitrary resolutions outside the RA environment, any software tips?

I love that I can run anything RA runs at whatever resolution my CRT can display as long as I configure the EDID properly in CRU. Sometimes I’d like to pull off some of that ol’ wizardry with other PC games, or just have the option to go with what’s most compatible. This has turned out to be quite a bit more difficult than I imagined.

For instance, trying to run Qres with .\qres /x320 /y 200 /r:140 results in Error: The graphics mode is not supported!

Is there a foolproof piece of software that can accomplish what I am after?

Not entirely sure what you’re after, if it’s an alternative display changer, quickres or res-o-matic might be useful.

I am looking for an application that will allow me to switch my CRT to a lower-than-640x480 resolution, just like Retroarch does, provided that the desired resolution has been created beforehand via apps such as CRU.

What you are looking for is Switchres. This is the same that is used in GroovyMame but stand alone.

Switchres is developed by Calamity creator of GroovyMame and Crt emu driver.

Switchres github

@DukeSkinny you can find the latest build for Switchres on the github page under “Actions”

This is also a good thread if you want to play your Pc Games on a CRT CRT Emudriver - Non emulated compatible games