Arcade ROMs not importing with scan

sorry if I add here but I have a simple question for Retroarch: I created with clrmamepro the correct romset for the Current-Mame version (currently 0.250) but when I scan the folder with the room with the option “import content” I do not see any rom in the Playlist. What am I wrong? I’m going to be crazy. I cerate a “split-romset” When I used COre and romset version 2003 -plus no problem instead

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If you have your DAT from clrmamepro, don’t use RetroArch’s own database scanner. Instead, use a manual scan and then feed it the DAT you created. This will bring in all of the games and give them their proper names (i.e., instead of or whatever)



Is there a guide I can follow for these operations? “Manually scan and use my DAT file in retroarch”. Usually I use the .exe of the MAME with clrmamepro, not the dat file, because I always do not know which one to select… (example below)

GREAAATTT!!! Thanks I figured out how to do it! tnx tnx tnx