Arcade Stick Parts Discussion Thread!

Has anybody here used the arcadeshock for arcade cab parts?

As I’m thinking of using them to buy some parts for a fight stick and wanted to see if it was a good choice to go through them for parts.

I’ve never bought from them myself, but I internet-know many people who have. I typically buy from focusattack and/or paradise arcade.

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Mainly I was asking because the PCB I was wanting to use, they seem to be the only one with it in stock.

Yeah, they seem to be the three big arcade shops for North America it seems. I was probably going to buy the rest of my parts from focus or paradise.

Did your friends have good things to say about arcadeshock?

I haven’t really heard anything positive or negative, really, just matter-of-fact-- “I bought these buttons from arcadeshock,” “this astro city vinyl came from arcadeshock” etc. --which is probably a good sign :slight_smile:

I think you can order from them with confidence.

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Seems paradisearcade has the board in stock again. (Thought I’d double check lol.)

Now I just have to find a housing/chassis for the thing.

Which board are you wanting to use? I have a few MC-Cthulhus and a PS360+. I’d like to get a brook universal fight board and a retroboard to go with it, but I don’t own a PS4 or xbone, so not a whole lot of point in it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Brook Universal Fight Board is what I’m wanting to get, lol.

Will only be using it for PC for the time being, but at that price I can’t really beat the flexibility of it. (Will have a switch when they finally aren’t being scalped to hell any more.)

The retroboard seems pretty sweet as well.

It’s the best one-size-fits-all board, for sure. I haven’t heard if it’ll be firmware-upgrade-able for next gen or not, but I doubt it. They always make everyone buy new boards for the new consoles…

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Ehh, I’m almost always a gen behind anyway lol.

I’ll be happy having a stick to use on my PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and switch (when they’re in stock, lol.) And when I eventually get a xbone and PS4.

I’m thinking of getting a seimitsu stick and some gamerfinger buttons. What kind of parts are you using?

I mainly use IL sticks and buttons but I also have some seimitsu and sanwa sticks and sanwa buttons. I’ve been eyeballing gamerfingers, though. I’d like to have some clicky blues…

I’m interested in trying a korean style stick, too, since I think they may have many of the same characteristics that I love about American-style sticks but with the ability to mount them in a normal-sized box.

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I’ve heard seimitsu sticks are great for shmups which is what I’d primarily be using it for, with some run n guns and the occasional fighting game.

Yeah the gamerfingers seem great, from what I was understanding any standard size cherry MX type switch can be used on them, so you could go custom keyboard levels of crazy on those lol.

I’d love to hear more about these stick characteristics? The Korean sticks your talking about are Crowns right?

Yeah, crown and myoungshin (maybe others?). I don’t really know the differences among them, but there are apparently a bajillion different models with their own quirks. The big reason all of the Tekken dudes love them is they have a strong return-to-center and increasing resistance the further you get from the center, owing to their weird rubber/silicon grommet that they use instead of a gate. They also make a variety of different “strengths” of the grommets, similar to the different spring weights you can get for Japanese sticks.

I use a seimitsu LS-40(?) in one of my sticks that I bought after hearing how much shorter its throw is vs a JLF (which I’m not a huge fan of), but I honestly can’t tell a huge difference between the two.

I recently picked up a MagStik, which really does have the shortest throw around (no bullshit, it’s like 10 degrees either direction). It also feels very heavy and seems to be a love it / hate it situation for most people. I made a shmup stick with it that I enjoy using (one in the bottom left of this pic), but I’ll readily admit that it’s not for everyone.

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Yeah there seems to be one other big Korean brand from what I was seeing on YouTube (can’t remember what it was called though, lol).

From what I was understanding they do have a gate it’s just in a different position from Japanese gates, and they supposedly use a circle gate. (This may be wrong, this was what I gathered during my YouTube dive (this may be a crown specific thing though?)).

I think the recommendations I was getting for seimitsu was the ls-32? All I really know is I’m going to get a battop for whatever I end up getting, lol. I’m not a fan of the wine glass grip that seems to be popular with the ball tops.

I’ll look into the MagStik, I was seeing some stuff about a stick called (Magenta?) It’s supposed to be like a analog stick or something.

The only thing that sucks currently is that chassis’s are expensive af, at least from what I was seeing. I really want a noir layout personally, seems more comfortable imo. (My hands are trash, lol.)

yeah, I’m partial to bat-tops, too, and don’t care for the wine-glass hold. Of course, my execution is terrible, so maybe there’s a reason…

Seems I have an LS-56, which I purchased based on this post on SRK. It’s a fine stick, but, like i said before, it pretty much just feels like a JLF to me /shrug

Re: gates, the collar in a Korean stick is the closest thing, but it doesn’t actually restrict the movement, apparently, the way gates do in Japanese-style sticks.

Yeah, I’m curious about the Magenta, too, though I doubt I would like it. Optical parts always lack haptic feedback, which is a real drag IMO. I need to feel them switches (this is, incidentally, why I dislike Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons). I do like how you can set the deadzone as large or small as you want, though.

I agree that chassis are way too expensive. I usually build my own wooden panels, which is another thing I like about IL/American-style parts, or just modify cheapie manufactured sticks. I’ve been using a SF4 Mad Catz SE as my main stick since SF4 vanilla dropped.

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The wine glass hold feels like it would destroy my fingers and the inner webbing for my fingers.

If I have some money left over when I get parts I might get a crown stick, on top of getting a seimitsu ls-32 as well. (Was hearing the crowns are less stiff compared to the other two Korean brands.)

Yeah I wasn’t saying trying to say it restricted movement on a korean stick. Maybe the guys video I was watching was comparing the range of motion to a circle gate? Lol.

Yeah no haptic feedback sounds horrible, imo. (Which is the case with the magenta.) This is also why the gamerfinger buttons sound awesome to me, because it seems to take any switches as long as they have a cherry (MX?) stem, so close to mechanical keyboard levels of tinkering with resistance, sound, etc.

Like the aluminum chassis I kinda understand the $80-100 price point, to an extent (because they may be having someone manufacturing them and most likely in limited numbers which is an increase in cost for them, from my understanding) but for acrylic no way does that price seem reasonable.

If I had the equipment I’d love to make a wood box, I saw some cool finishing techniques on YouTube, that’d I’d love to try out for a wood box. I wish I already had a stick so I could gut it and make a custom stick, lol. Though I’d much rather have a wood box.

EDIT: Cleaned up some things, need to proofread more…

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Looked over the srk link you posted, sounds like I may want a seimitsu ls-40. Seems tight and precise.

EDIT: maybe I’m not understanding slagcoins chart lol.

yeah, 40 sounds promising. I’ve never used that one of those. A guy I know IRL has LS-32s (I think) in a couple of his cabs, but I didn’t think they were anything special.

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Yeah, I’ve done this research before and had it typed out but the device that had my information on it died taking my notes with it lol.

That thread hurts my head, half of the people are agreeing with slagcoin the other half aren’t, some are saying the ls-40 is the tightest/quickest for inputs the other half are saying the ls-56 is. I need a whole damn salt shaker with these kinds of threads, lol.

Honestly I’ve only ever used HAPs/JFLs probably, as the only cabinet I recall ever using that actually had a stick (mostly played racing and light gun games) was metal slug 2 (I think? It was one of the metal slug cabs for sure).

I’ll probably just end up modding the crap out of w/e stick I end up getting anyway, lol.

It was probably a Happ, yeah. I’ve always had a soft spot for american-style parts since it’s what I grew up with.

And, as for that thread, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Seimitsu sticks are probably not wildly different from each other, based on my experience with the few I’ve tried.

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I’d think different gates would make a fairly noticeable difference between them. But I don’t know, I don’t have enough hands on experience with them to say for certain.

I may just say screw it and just get a crown, lol.

I’d love to go all out for this stick if possible as I’m only planning on building one stick.

So I’ll most likely overanalyze all my decisions into the ground before I buy anything, the only two things that are for sures right now are the PCB and gamerfinger buttons (though I still have to pick out switches for the buttons, and figure out what mods I’m going to do to the switches. Probably grease and oil them.)

I’m planning on building my own wiring harness for it. And I’d love to build my own USB cord for it. (Have an OEM 360 controller with a dead board, but the cable still works. Would love to resleave that for this, have always loved the 360 breakaway thing.)