ArcadeVGA with RetroArch CRT Switchres?


Hi all, I’m trying to get my setup working with an ArcadeVGA (not sure exactly on the model but I believe it’s a 3000) and running RetroArch and the CRT SwitchRes feature (on Windows 10). Setting RA to 15khz and native res will successfully switch the default menu to 320x240 but loading any game will set the res back to 800x600 (and for some reason the image is squashed). I believe the reason for this is that the graphics card doesn’t have the correct modeline installed. I have installed the switchres program and that works fine but I’m guessing the modelines that RA is looking for are different.

Since I am not able (to my knowlendge) use CRT Emudriver, I don’t know how I can correctly install the modelines that RA recommends for this feature. Alternatively, I also don’t know if it’s possible to install Super Resolutions (I had a bit more success with this than Native when installing on a crt emudriver machine previously).

Has anyone had success with an ArcadeVGA and RetroArch? I’d love to be able to play in native resolution and tbh I’d really prefer to use RA over Groovymame.


Can you install the ArcadeOSD program? I believe it can install the static modelines you need…?


Do you mean VMM? ArcadeOSD doesn’t actually install modelines I believe?

Regardless, I actually haven’t tried tbh as I was under the impression it only worked with CRT Emudriver but I’ll give it a shot when I’m in the office tomorrow. If that works then I should be good to go from there. Cheers.


Yeah, maybe VMM. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about these programs, as I’ve only messed with res-switching in Linux.