Arduboy games make RetroArch unresponsive

Hello, this is my first post here. I’m here to say that for some reason Arduboy games (doesn’t matter which) make RetroArch unresponsive for some reason (the overlay doesn’t register any touch input and you can’t do anything). Any solution to this? (I’m using the latest version of RetroArch as of this writing, 1.17.0). Sadly, I cannot send videos directly so you can’t see the problem in action. I’m sorry.

Oh and in case you ask about the logs, I did try using them but they didn’t say anything useful/important

Update: I finally recorded a video for everyone to see. Link: (I’m sorry for the horrible sound, it lags like that even without the recorder)

Update: this issue has been fixed in 1.19.0 and there’s also a better core which doesn’t have the sound lag issue (Ardens).

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