Are Plasma still the best modern choice for retro gaming?


So I really would like to upgrade my main living room display to 4K And get rid of the limitations 1080p imposes as far as not having enough pixels for CRT mask simulation and picking either overscan, underscan or uneven scanlines with RA.

I wanted to ask here rather than a TV forum because this upgrade is mainly for a better retro gaming experience with RA.

So have 4K led TV’s surpassed Plasma technology with this stuff, or should I keep my Plasma due to the true blacks and it’s ability to display pixels better??

Wanted some opinions here.


I believe the latency on modern LCDs is better than old plasmas, also less risk of burn-in.


What about true blacks and motion blur?


Some of the more expensive tech, like QLED and OLED do better blacks than conventional LEDs, and there’s some stuff like localized dimming that can help blacks even with regular LED sets.

Motionblur is still a thing but it’s much better than it used to be. Response times are better and many sets include backlight strobing to combat motion blur even further at the cost of brightness.


If you want true black go with something above LED - the LED Local Dimming (at least on my LG set) is really really bad. I would have gone for OLED, but I heard they can have burn in on certain models.

I don’t know anything about QLED.


Plasma is excellent for emulation. Don’t jump from plasma to LED/LCD that’s a step backward. If you must upgrade then go all out for OLED. You’ll only suffer from temporary image retention (not burn-in) if you do careless things with your TV. Coming from Plasma which can also suffer from image retention, you should already know how to handle those. LED/LCD’s are a bit less finicky and easier to handle but it’s not worth the quality drop compared to plasma and OLED. Take it from someone who’s used all for gaming and emulation and who currently owns and uses both an LED and an OLED display for gaming, entertainment and general use. Ask those who talk about OLED burn-in if they actually own and use one of those sets and see what they tell you. The answer is probably no.


The only reason I was considering it is to make the jump to 4k for emulation CRT simulation, and to do that you have no choice but to go LED, but I’ll hold off I guess.

Another downside to my Plasma is the heat. 65 inch Plasma gives off ALOT of heat. Well for now the winter I don’t mind it but when I’m cranking my AC to cool my living room and I’m using the Plasma for extended time…