Armhf cores , Raspberry & S905


phlease upload next cores for armhf , Raspberry & specially S905 hardware

its my list of games , playlists now for pc x86_64 , i buy S905 and need cores

phlease recompile cores who have that ability , from sources git

target = armhf S905

Mr. Bomber

Craft Minecraft


ATARI 2600 - Stella

MAME 2003

MAME 2010

MAME 2014



08bit NES - Nestopia

16bit SNES - Snes9x

Nintendo 64 - Paralell N64


08bit SEGA - Genesis Plus GX

16bit SEGA - Genesis Plus GX

SEGA Saturn - Mednafen Saturn

Playstation 1 PCSX ReArmed


gameboy advance

upload pack of cores , or tell me amount of money for that act


Android is a different platform than the raspberry pi Linux. Android stuff is normally (not always) written in java, and the programs run on virtual machines when they are made with googles sdk, so the programs don’t need to be written for each android device.