Aspect = Auto stretch setting


@SkyHighGam3r mentioned this in another thread.

I think this would be an awesome addition.

If there’s any interest in this on the dev end, I’ll put up $50 for a bounty.


so, instead of choosing 16:9 or 16:10 or whatever, you would choose ‘stretch-to-fit’ or whatever and it would do that?


Yes, exactly.

Like in Mame for example, you can literally stretch the corner of the window (assuming you have the proper settings) and it will auto resize the aspect ratio. It’s awesome.



Regardless, it’s not implemented atm.


Edit: nevermind, I think I want the auto stretch still lol


Oh yeah, that’d be way exciting to have that implemented. I know a lot of people don’t care for 16:9 stretch lol but there are a few crazyies like me who just like filing the screen. haha

Personally, I think the setting would be useful in my situation. I plug my console with this stuff on it into multiple TV’s. Right now I bounce back and forth between my CRT and my HDTV.

The CRT needs a 3:2 aspect ratio, so when I switch to the HDTV it has the black bars on the side 'cause it’s 16:`9


I would love the Stretch-To-Fit as the Black Boarders around the Game can be Annoying and I am not a Fan of them


Hi I am working on the CRT build for RA. I have already incorporated a auto aspect correction to fit the viewport within the CRT Resolution. This can be slightly changed and added for standard operation.

The only issue with scaling the aspect is that you should do it correctly. Otherwise you will end up with artefacts on the screen.

The best way to handle it will be to scale the entire viewport to cover the black borders. Doing this will give you overscan though.