Atomiswave crashes Flycast

Hello all.

Trying to run Atomiswave on the latest flycast core.

I have in the system/dc folder and I try to load Atomiswave ROMs from the latest MAME rom set.

It loads and I see the “Sammy” logo and it is strobing as if it’s doing black frame insertion and then about 5 seconds RA crashes.

Does this with any game I try. I thought flycast works with the latest MAME roms for Atomiswave?

It does. Without further information about your setup, we won’t be able to help.

Hi, sorry.

I7 8700k Windows 7x64 GTX 1050 ti, 16 gigs of ram

LG 1440p GSync monitor

For Atomiswave to function do any other bios files need to be in the system/dc folder? The only thing in there is

There shouldn’t be major issues with this hardware, maybe something wrong with your settings ? Iirc readahead was causing a crash last time i tried it on flycast, so make sure it’s disabled. Otherwise, post your logs.

I turned off run ahead and frame delay, still occurring. So I downloaded the newest RA and re downloaded Flycast and the issue seemed to stop, but when I started going through crt shaders and applying them the strobing black screen would happen again, but RA not crashing.

If I restart RA it’s fine again but something is off…I’m going to download the newest drivers from Nvidia for my card and see if things stop. If things continue I’ll post a lot.

I’ll report back.

Ok I updated my video drivers and switched to “glcore” under driver and everything is fine now. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: