Atomiswave "Neo Geo Battle Colosseum" graphical glitches

Core - Flycast Hardware- Raspberry Pi 4 Lakka OS 3.1 for RPi 4 aarch64 version

Im getting graphical glitches with that game. Is it a common occurrence with this game and the core?

On this stage it also appears to be glitching

Are you using the vulkan renderer? A lot of the 2D fighting games have graphical glitches with the OpenGL renderer.

Under my settings its on gl, I will try setting it to vulkan and see what it does. Settings->Video->Output->Video-- gl

Which raises another question for my Raspberry pi 4, is it recommended to use vulkan or gl? update: nevermind, it relaunched two atomiswave roms including “Neo Geo Battle Colosseum” and it failed to load.

Needs per-pixel alpha sorting in core options (vulkan)


Indeed, and a good gpu (way better than what’s available on pi4)

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