ATTN speedrunners / ROM hackers - 60fps PS1 cheat codes wanted

Hi there,

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed our PS1 60fps youtube videos so far.

A lot of games on PS1 ran at an unlocked framerate, some translate themselves very well to a naturally paced 60fps when overclocked -

Others obviously look sped up due to an original framerate cap already being imposed -

We were able to make a game that already has a framerate cap (Silent Hill) work at a native 60fps by applying a Game Shark cheatcode -

This cheatcode in combination with overclocking will then lead to a solid locked 60fps.

What we’d like to see is more people getting busy with cheat codes and finding out ways to unlock 60fps stable framerates that don’t look as if they are sped up in games.

Some games which come to mind right away -

  • all the Ridge Racer games
  • Wipeout 1 / 2097 / 3

Are there codes for Gran Turismo 1 & 2? Cuz i used the overclocking feature and it does not run at 60fps

Hi, how can help with finding the codes? I was so impressed with how well it worked with Japanese arcade disk of GT2.

Any cheatcodes to help Grandia achieve a stable 30fps lock with a combination of the overclock?

It would be great to use this thread as a collection for all ps1 60FPS codes. Here are 2 more games posted by users on youtube.

Crash Team Racing

version: NTSC-U

code: 30037930+0001

results: All animations are sped up, but the actual driving seems to be normal speed. I tested it myself and found that a CPU overclock of 150% is enough to maintain the 60FPS.

Gran Turismo 2

version: NTSC-U 1.2 (Simulation Mode - Disc 2)

code: 301D5864 0001

results: The 60FPS hack seems to work really well with GT2! In my short test, a CPU overclock of 120% was already enough.

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