Audio question


Is it possible to have Low Pass Mono on Retroarch?


you should be able to through the audio filters, yeah. You’ll probably have to combine the presets for a couple of them to get what you want, though.


How I do that, exactly?


I don’t think there are any documents describing how to combine them, but if you look at the chiptune enhancer filter, it’s just a couple of different filters smooshed together, so you can probably use it as a sort of template.


Cool. Thanks

I have another question

Suppose I want to have one audio filter for Genesis and another for the Master System on the same core…would that be possible? If so, how?


The easiest way is to use a different core, but you can also use the ‘content directory overrides’ as long as the Genesis and MS games are in different directories.


Aaaaaand that worked…many thanks