Audio Questions

Was wondering which audio driver would give me the lowest sound latency on Win10? I’m running a 3080 ti, 5900x and 32g Ram. If possible I’d like to get it indistinguishable from real hardware.

Second question, compared to my nes and genesis, it seems retroarch plays the audio faster than my real hardware. I’m running everything through a Gsync monitor so refresh rate should be spot on. Anything to try to get it on par for the real thing?

Are you doing apples-to-apples comparisons? That is, PAL vs PAL and NTSC vs NTSC?

Anyway, xaudio should let you get down to ~16 ms or perhaps less. WASAPI should be able to get even lower.

But do keep in mind that 16 ms audio latency doesn’t mean it sits there for 16 ms before playing a sound. Instead, it controls the buffer size, which is related to the actual delay but not directly 1:1.

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Yes I’m absolutely comparing NTSC to NTSC.

I know there are a bunch of other sound options like timing skew, etc. wasn’t sure if messing with this solves issues like this.