Autoconfig and retroarch.cfg controller config

Which controller config takes precedence of the above? The reason I ask is that if I plug in my MD controller then the autoconfig loads and the labels display correctly too e.g. Mode, Select.

If I plug in my Xbox One controller, the autoconfig notification pops up but the labels aren’t loading e.g. View, Menu. Instead I just get 0, 1, 2…

If I rebind a button it seems to update only retroarch.cfg which loads these controls next time I start RA despite it saying the autoconfig has loaded when I turn on the controller?

Have you updated your joypad profiles?

Online Updater
    └ Update Joypad Profiles

Are you using xinput as joypad driver?

    └ Drivers
        └ Joypad = xinput

in your /retroarch/autoconfig/xinput/ directory should be a Xbox_One_Controller.cfg and a Xbox_One_Controller_Wireless_Adapter.cfg as well.

[EDIT] I noticed, if you change buttons on a specific controller, you have to manually save the autoconfig, otherwise it saves them globally.

    └ Input
        └ User *x* Binds
            └ User *x* Save Autoconfig

Hi. Yes to all the above.

My two questions are: It says it’s loading the Xbox autoconfig when I turn it on but it’s not showing me the Xbox specific labels from the autoconfig (it does for the MD pad). This leads onto my second question is what’s the point of autoconfigs if there is ALWAYS controller settings in retroarch.cfg that appears to be loaded instead?

In other words, do the retroarch.cfg controls take precedence? If so, how do you get it to not load them, when they’re there by default?

I’m having a similar issue. I bought the 2600-daptor to go along with my Hyperkin Trooper joystick. I’m configuring it to play Atari games with Stella core. I’ve set up an autoconfig for it, but it will only load if I go into the input options and select bind default all. I have to do this every time I launch a game, otherwise retroarch just uses it’s default settings. It sucks because the default settings are all fine except my joystick is inverted, so up is down and down is up. I’ve looked everywhere for information on fixing this but haven’t had any luck.