Autoconfig not applied at startup

I bought the 2600-daptor to go along with my Hyperkin Trooper joystick. I’m configuring it to play Atari games with Stella core. I’ve set up an autoconfig for it, but it will only load if I go into the input options and select bind default all. I have to do this every time I launch a game, otherwise retroarch just uses it’s default settings. It sucks because the default settings are all fine except my joystick is inverted, so up is down and down is up. I’ve looked everywhere for information on fixing this but haven’t had any luck.

Have you tried defaulting all with no cores/content loaded? If you’re loading a core that has an override loaded, it will prevent saving changes to the config. You could also try going to main menu > configuration file > save current configuration after you default them.

Lol. If I could hug you right now, I would. I was launching the games through Launchbox and trying to save an autoconfig for my 2600-daptor with core/content loaded. I am using an override and a configuration file for pretty much all more cores, but loading up just Retroarch on it’s own and setting up the joystick and fire key did it. After that I saved the autoconfig, hit bind default all, unplugged my 2600-daptor, plugged it back in and the autoconfig loaded right up. Then I launched a game through Launchbox, and bam…it worked. Thanks a million Hunter.

eyyy, awesome! I’m glad that got you fixed up :slight_smile: