Backup Lakka image?

Hi, I’ve been searching for a way to create a backup image of my Lakka setup, including games, settings, etc. When trying to view the SD card it shows up as two different drives and is really throwing me off. I’m not sure how to handle the situation. Any advice?

All you really need to backup is the retroarch.cfg file, and maybe any per-core/per-game config files you have if you saved any. No real need to backup anything else. Besides, I’m not sure you can since the system files are read-only. Rom files can just be copied to a SD card.

Any easier way to say migrate to a larger card? Transferring the files and downloading the thumbnails isn’t terrible hard but does take a long time, unless it’s just my network.

Not that I’m aware. I recently upgraded to a larger SSD, and I had to network transfer everything(Roms, thumbnails, cfg files, saves, etc.) to my Windows PC, flash the new SSD with Lakka, and move everything back. There may be a way to clone the drive in Linux, but i’m not sure.

Hmm. Seems that may be the only option. I imagine Linux may see it as a single drive and allow it, but I don’t have a computer running it to even try. It looks like I’m also stuck to 2.5Ghz for the Wifi, which really slows things down.

Can you not hard wire your RPi? The Pi 4 has a RJ45 jack.

Not without moving a lot of equipment from room to room including a monitor, but I may have to try it just to speed things up.

Gotcha. Definitely worth it just to move a lot of things quickly, then rely on WiFi for one-off stuff.

The storage partition is what you are looking for. It is in EXT4, so you can access it under Linux or Windows with an EXT4 program like DiskInternals Linux Reader (read-only though).