Bahamut Lagoon

I can’t seem to get this game on my playlist after scanning for it. When I go to load content it plays just fine. When I scan for thumbnails there is no boxart for it either. What’s the deal? Is it because it’s a fan-based english translation; I was able to get Mother 3 to pop up on my playlist after scanning.

Try manual scan. it will add it to the playlist. For the boxart and screenshot if does not match with the database it won’t find any, so if you want you can manually add art using desktop menu and drag 'n drop png files.

Hey thanx for the tip. It worked. Manually adding art seems a little over my head at the moment though.

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If you’re on a desktop platform (win/lin/mac), you can press F5 to bring up the desktop menu, where you can drag-and-drop a png image onto the artwork area to add it.

Huh, well I tried for a little while; I saved an image-dragged the file to my desktop-opened Retroarch and desktop mode-went to Bahamut Lagoon and saw where it said “drop image here” in the boxart area-dragged and dropped image…and nothing. Is there a tutorial on how to do this cuz I don’t really know what Im doin.

Thanx to a tutorial online I found out how to find the name of the boxart in the RA boxart database. All I had to do was edit the name of my rom from Bahamut Lagoon (tr) to Bahamut Lagoon (Japan).

I also just learned that I had to change the image file to a png file type in order to drop it in the boxart area. I have to admit, it’s been fun learning how to do all this stuff.

I suggest to keep the file name intact so that you know that is a translation, also to avoid entry with the same name in case you will add other roms/packs in the future.