[Batch File] Core Splitter (Windows | Android)


The internal name “library_name” (Genesis Plus GX) and the core name that appear inside the retroarch-core-options file (genesis_plus_gx_). The new name need to have the same number of chars than the original name.


REM Replace | Original internal name | New internal name | Original file | New file
echo CORES
%GSAR_EXE% -s"Genesis Plus GX" -r"Genesis Plus CD"		"%RETROCOREFOLDER%\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll" -f "%RETROCOREFOLDER%\genesis_plus_gx_libretro-cd.dll"
%GSAR_EXE% -s"genesis_plus_gx_" -r"genesis_plus_cd_"	-o "%RETROCOREFOLDER%\genesis_plus_gx_libretro-cd.dll" "%RETROCOREFOLDER%\genesis_plus_gx_libretro-cd.dll"


Thanks, @Srk15372!

Unfortunately, I don’t have Android system to test…


No worries, I will search in the bat if something is wrong Thanks again for all


So I made severals tests on other android batch. the process works creating splits cores and info files but aren’t loaded in retroarch. it works like a charm on windows thanks again ! So, maybe a dev or administrators could help us to find what is wrong with theses splits cores created. Maybe something change in retroarch itself. In the past, Huntrek bring us some splits cores for android. the goal is to add the possibility to choose different options (neo geo arcade and console devices). override doesn’t work for the options. thanks for your support. regards


I did 1 of my own changing the official name a d stuff so I got 4 cores for neogeo…arcade,home console,neo geo X handheld, neo geo mini…all with separate bezels fir hyperspin android…they all work independently and everything is good…as far as them not loading, that’s because they must be placed in the hidden file section of android …but the only way to get it there if unrooted is either the retroarch downloader or doing it yourself…there is a tutorial thatman wrote about how to get it downloaded yourself via ur wifi network…(shield and PC must be on same network)…I dont have the tutorial on hand at this moment but u can find it probably here or hyperspin forumns in android section


Hi I m rooted on my shield tv android and access to the cores folder in /data/data/retroarch.com/cores with x plorer. So I put cores modified inside but doesn’t open in retroarch. I don’t understand well your previous post, you manage to split cores on android and test them succefully? Isn’t it? Could you explain us how you doing that please? Thanks


Yea I split neo geo into 4 cores …nonrooted…(used to be rooted but wanted to update for better controller support)… u can use ur own wifi network with xxamp app to act as a host where u can store ur cores and downlaod them 2 any device connected to that wifi network… a knowledgeable guy named thatman who is also active here and hyperspin forumns wrote a whole tutorial on how to do it…now u are rooted and still cant access the cores… that means the split wasnt done properly… it happened 2 me on my first 4 attempts which is why I asked how do u know what names or info 2 change in the vote splitter batch file…u can do a search for “split cores” and the tutorial page should pop up along with this page… I would recommend u go non root and backup all ur retroarch and standalone apk work…the key thing to remember is if u go no root make sure u point ALL ur retroarch directories to a write able location such as the Retroarch folder in the main storage/emulated/0 location except cores and shaders…the main 1 that needs to be default is cores…as far as why u weren’t able to use the core again , it’s because something must be wrong in the batch when u tried it…use his batch as a template so u can do ur own


Ok thanks for all your advises, I will try to make a template and verify all cores names thanks


Hi sorry to bump this thread. but I discorer a strange problem. I was thinking the problem was the batch (for android) but I made a test to transfer a core downloaded from the retroarch site using x-plore in the core directory. (shield tv rooted) and the core (official doesn’t modified) doesn’t load in retroarch althought it’s in place in the core directory. So the batch isn’t the problem (sorry to Ifan) but the transfert of the core using x-plore. I have all permission with superSu for x-plore and don’t understand what is wrong with these. is someone have this same behaviour ? thanks


Apparently, Syslinux security stuff won’t allow people to load unsigned dynamic libraries (which your split libretro cores would be) anymore, even with root…?


Ok thanks but even the regular cores picked up on the official website can’t be transfered from pc to the shield It’s weird no ?


Yeah, i guess “unsigned” isn’t the right term. It’s anything that’s not a part of the application. That is, it can download core and use/delete them just fine, but it won’t take anything from outside.


Ah ok so we couldn t use anymore split cores or something else. What a pity. Hope this will change. I remenber before using your own split core made by yourself with success thanks


so I just made a big mistake. I would like to make a fresh install, then use my entire backup of retroarch to restore all my config. all is reconized but all my core dissapear and all my cores backups with severals split cores isn’t reconized anymore. I make a great mistake thinking restoring all my setup. I even lost my mame 0.192 core were all my stuff in hyperspin correspond to this version. So is it the end of any core backup or will you plan to let us load custom core with rooted devices ? is it an android limitations with new oreo update ? thanks


Hi, I test a solution creating a retroarch local webserver with the help of thatman84 guide (thanks to him) in order to attempt to load custom cores created with batch. So I change the web adress in retroarch.cfg of core updater with my local web adress created with Xampp and recreated an .index-extended with my custom cores. Using a web browser I succefully see the core available. Unfortunaly loading the index extended in retroarch doesn’t see any cores. Retroarch only see them if I pick from the official website an official core added in my local server. So no solution. Is it the end on android for custom cores ? Any possibily to let us again use them? I insist because I would like absolutly create two neogeo cores Aes and Mvs. Another solution is to add possibility to override option per core (if a dev could listen it thanks) I test too the 2012 core but isn’t really convinced. Hope a dev let us using again custom cores on rooted devices or add a per core option override. Thanks


Hi,me again :slight_smile: Please make batches for Nestopia and FCEUmm on Android,Mesen is too demanding for Android,thanks in advance!