Be Honest Start back up all The core file and glsl shader file

Mame 2014 core film_noise.glsl dot.glsl etc…

This Is main reason Why We use Retroarch android

if You know How to mix these core and shaders Then its can be much better than any other standalone emulator.

Right now Mame 2014 core been replaced by Name 2015 core . still good.

We Should do somthing to prevent someday they are complete delete from retroarch online updater people


how did you manage to run kof 97 on android which is the core and size of the rom face?

No core 2014 and 2015 Android?

I kinda like the look of these pics. What are the shader settings used?

All under Fba core (not Fba Neo or Fba 2012 etc) Just try use Fba core with kof97pls

Mame core can also run kof series. (however it lag Sometimes … Fba core still light than Mame core should be get fully speed. Idk whats wrong on your side.

This shader dot.glsl Is best ive find under retroarch shader present file. It do make CRT bloom with arcade game however i use a tablet with tegra gpu when i try other phone without tegra gpu theres No bloom… maybe It depends screen size?

film_noise.glsl You can combo / mix it with dot.glsl both under shader setting

works great with arcade psx dreamcast etc… if you want i can take some psx screenshot later

1-3 screenshots with dot.glsl only 4-5 were both dot and film_noise used under shader setting (2 shader combo / mix)