Beetle HW odd sound Issues with Internal GPU Resolution

Whenever i use internal GPU Resolution 16x (8x works fine) it would give some odd sound-crackling in Game-Menus . In-game (when actual gameplay is happening) those Issues are gone and the sound works perfectly fine again. It also seems to be “exclusive” to certain menus only For example in Tony Hawk Pro Skater i would get these sound issues on the Level Select Screen, while everything else is fine. Is there a solution to this? I already tried increasing the Audio Buffer but that didn’t help. It’s not that i would need Internal GPU Resolution on 16x but i’m just curios why it would give me sound problems on a “boring” Level Select while working perfectly fine everywhere else.

Those are likely interlaced menus, which means they run at ~480-line height instead of ~240-line. So, 16x 480 is pretty large. Personally, I would recommend running at 8x all of the time instead, as 16x is very far into diminishing returns, and you’ll get better results out of 8x with anti-aliasing.