Beetle/Mednafen WonderSwan keeps changing my controls


So I’m testing out WonderSwan and something is off with the controls. When playing the default horizontal way the controls are fine but everything goes haywire when I flip the screen and the inputs get changed all around and some inputs disappear into oblivion. It seems (to me anyway) that the core is trying to auto rotate the control scheme for you mimicking the real console.

The problem with that is that this is emulation meaning were just routing the screen not the physical controller like on a real WonderSwan. I’m not speaking of the change in control scheme that the game itself makes that’s fine (it’s part of the original programming) I’m specking of the core changing the physical inputs you assigned to the WonderSwan being changed that is the problem.

i.e. I have nothing assigned to the Y button but when I flip the screen Y is now the right on the d-pad (either x right or y right not sure) this simply should not happen because even if the game is changing it controls scheme it should have no way of using the Y button on my physical controller because I assigned none of the WonderSwan buttons to the Y button on my physical controller. Like I said it seems to me that the core is reassigning your retroarch assignments from the quick menu and deciding for itself the best way to rotate those physical inputs and doing a bad job at that given that some inputs seem to disappear altogether. Can the rotation of the controls be disabled (remember I’m not talking about WonderSwan’s internal control rotation)?



sent quick PR that makes joypad rotation separate and can be configured from the quick menu > core options (once PR gets accepted).


Done really that was quick but uuuu what does “PR” mean? I’m guessing it got something to do with approving new core builds or something.


PR = pull request, modification send to the libretro wonderswan repository so this option is added. It has just already been accepted. so when buildbot updates (after a few hours depending on your device) a new wonderswan core should be available with this new opiton.

or your can compile the core yourself. :smiley:


cool your awesome does this mean i can just re download the core from the retroarch UI? on win 10 btw


its should be available now if you update core


all is working as it should, you rock wertz :grin:


hi how’s the new option working for you? it looks like someone from the github page is having some problems with it:

i wonder if i should just get rid of that alternate mappings, and instead just remap only the d-pad orientation. there are games probable that is using the other directional pad on the real bandai wonderswan handheld, that is not mapped correctly with the emulator