Beetle PSX - Add dynarec core to Wii U port [$250]


As a bounty, see, this would increase the incentive if people are willing to pay, and believe me, many people, myself included, are willing to pay or chip in for a bounty to have the Wii U work with dynamic recompiling. Why is this? Simple. I figure that the Wii U has a lot of untapped potential, but with monetary contributions for a bounty, this goal can be realized and PSX and N64 will no longer be impossible. What say you guys?

I will personally donate $30 USD just to prove I’m serious.


OK, go to Bountysource, register an account there, and you can then make a Github issue and click on the Bountysource link to add bounty money to it.


Oh! I do have an account there, actually, but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to make a new issue/entry to be honest. What I want to know is, when the entry is made and the bounty source link is added, is it a for sure thing to occur?

I tried making an entry here but there is no “add issue” or “add entry” that I can see.

Edit: Maybe I’m confused, but do I add the GitHub then somehow link to the bounty? There doesn’t seem to be a way to add the bounty tag on


Wut? There’s a Wii U core in development?




Updated thread to reflect the bounty amount now sits at $45.


Is there a way to add this bounty to this list for easier access?


$185 now! Updating thread to reflect this.


Yes, why hasn’t it been added to this page yet?

I feel that it needs to be in order to be found easier, no?

I’ve tried and tried to point that out, even people on GBA Temp and the bounty page itself, have been trying to get this to be properly displayed on the page. Is this going to be corrected?


because bounty source doesn’t allow it, it only shows bounties created by us.


Then how in the name of all that’s holy are people supposed to know about it? What should we do to spread the word? I can’t use Reddit, I can’t use Neogaffe, I can’t use Tumblr, what are we supposed to do?

Edit: I can add it to my signature or something


they can check this page and the issue list?


Updated with the current money amount, I will also tweet it on Twitter to give it some more attention.


Thank you, that means a lot you know? :3