Beetle PSX dynarec (x86/x64/ARMv7/AArch64) [$305]


View the bounty conditions here -

Reminder too that once this bounty is completed, it should be way easier to finally implement a Wii U dynarec, for which a separate bounty exists which should fetch you $250 -


What about armv7, thats what most phones are, along with psvita and raspberry pi 2.

I dont care about armv6 since anything that old wont run at full speed even with a dynarec.


Well, add some money to the bounty, if we are over $200 or so then I could consider adding ARMv7, otherwise it might be too much work for a bounty hunter to consider for that sum of money.

So yeah, I am fine with adding an architecture like that but we better be over $100 to make it worth a bounty hunter’s while.


Now up to $150 thanks to webgeek1234’s contribution!


I dont have any money, but armv7 code works on armv8/aarch64 so we should do armv7 first.


The guy who gave me the $50 bump though wanted AArch64 support specifically. And I fear that if we add ARMv7 support to it too, it would become too much for $150. So we need another money bump and then I feel more comfortable that a bounty hunter would wnat to do the bounty.


Added another $50 and added ARMv7 requirement to it as well.


$230 now thanks to user saftle! User joostr also chipped in $10!


$245 now thanks to ajshell1!


$255 now thanks to Le Gluon du net!


$305 now thanks to finkler!