Beetle PSX HW Broken in 1.8.1

So I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last few versions of Retroarch because every time I’m upgrade something new is always broken with the Beetle PSX HW. It’s a good thing that I never do an overlap install over the older versions because they’re the only thing keeping my sanity at this point. In version 1.7.9 CPU usage on the Beetle PSX HW core was significantly higher than 1.7.8 for some reason. In version 1.8.0 this performance bug had been fixed but then I started noticing glitches using the software mode in Beetle PSX HW that I only saw in hardware mode using the Open GL API. I upgraded to 1.8.1 and it confirmed my suspicions that when software mode is selected in Beetle PSX HW the core is still in fact running in hardware mode. The dead giveaway is the fact that PGXP actually works in software mode which is not possible. The game that I tested was Jumping Flash! 2 where I get all kinds of texture flickering using hardware mode in Open GL. This is happening on the latest version of Beetle PSX HW ( 7e76756) I have confirmed this with two computers. One running Windows 8.1 using Intel HD graphics and the other runing Windows 7 using a Nvidia GTX750. Both turn up with results that are identical. . I suppose a simple fix could be to just use regular Beetle PSX whenever I want to run something in software mode but regular Beetle PSX still has the issue of the internal resolution scale still being ignored upon startup until it is later toggled back and forth in the quick menu. I would still just be at 1.7.8 v4 if not for the fact that I cannot have BSNES HD on that version. It’s not a massive deal since I have no issues with running 2 different versions of Retroarch for different cores, it just sucks constantly having to backtrack to troubleshoot things like this as it gets to be quite maddening because I think either I or my computer is going crazy. Jumping Flash! 2 seems to be a rather troublesome game as it still has graphical glitches even when using Vulkan and the hardware rendering. However it has always looked and ran flawlessly in software mode until version 1.7.9.