Beetle PSX HW: Increasing Internal Resolution Has No Effect

For whatever reason, increasing the internal resolution setting on Beetle PSX HW has no effect on my picture quality. I’ve tried both 2x and 4x. Enabling PGXP, usually allowed the increased resolution to take effect at the cost of slowing to a crawl, but now that I have RetroArch v1.8.0, it that doesn’t seem to work anymore. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Did you enable the supersampling core option? This will downscale the higher internal resolution back to 240p. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure supersampling is disabled.

I don’t see that option anywhere in the menu, but I see an option named beetle_psx_hw_super_sampling set to disabled in the config file. Would that be it?

Yeah, that’s it. But since you’re not seeing it in the UI, this suggests you didn’t choose vulkan as the retroarch video driver, which might also mean that increasing internal resolution might also not work.

So, try vulkan.

I’ve discovered something interesting about the problem. If I start Beetle PSX HW with the internal resolution setting set to 2x, switch it back to 1x, exit the menu, re-enter it, then switch the internal resolution back to 2x, the setting takes effect, although the emulator drops below full speed afterward. The problem returns every time the emulator starts up, though. I wonder if the problem is a consequence of my computer not being able to run the emulator at full speed at 2x resolution?

Hi, i play in 60" 4k and barely notice difference between Internal Res 2x and 4x. But is highly noticeable from 1x --> 2x. Well Vulkan looks to be the fastest one. And also has some extra filters dont remember now

My GPU doesn’t seem to support Vulkan (RetroArch won’t start with it set as the default video driver).