Beetle PSX HW - Issue with graphics (Persona 2: Tsumi)

Whenever I use the ultimate move for the main character with his ultimate persona, this happens. The character sprites are drawn correctly (because I’m using 1x internal resolution, there are thick outlines around them when I set it higher), but there are these black patches around the floor tiles. This issue does not occur in software mode.

What happens if you disable all enhancements? PGXP in particular. Also try toggling the Software Framebuffer option.

I encountered some games that exhibit these glitches and these two settings are involved.

Disabled both of those, issue still occurs.

If you’re using 1X resolution you should just run all your games in software mode anyway if your CPU has enough grunt. Whenever using a hardware renderer, even with no special features like PGXP being used you stand a very good chance of seeing some kind of graphical glitches from minor to major ones. You can try switching to a different API. I know that Jumping Flash 2 looks all jacked up with flickering textures when using the GL API. When I switch to Vulkan the game almost looks perfect with some very minor graphical glitches. Unfortunately this changes on a game to game basis so what works for one game may not work for another. If your CPU does not have enough grunt to push Beetle PSX in software mode you can see if you get better results from the PCSX Rearmed core.

Similar things happened to me when on MGS1. The water was completely bugged and codec numbers wouldn’t show up. All I did was switch to beetle PSX normal version and there were no more issues.

I recommend the software core (Beetle PSX) and use a nice shader. HW introduces too many inconsistencies and glitches – understandably so.

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He uses HW and asks for help with HW. How about solutions for HW then?

Try disabling texture filtering or switching it from “xBR” to “SABR”. To turn it off completely select “Nearest” option.

P.S. High internal resolution downscaled to native looks gorgeous even without texture filters.

P.S.2. Feel free to attach savestate just before the glitch happens, for others to check if the glitch can be reproduced/fixed