Beetle PSX HW: No Shaders working

Using Vulkan in the Beetle PSX HW Core, no shaders work for me whatsoever. I’d been using CRT-Easymode for a long while but hadn’t used Beetle PSX in a few months. When I tried to use it again, the shader was no longer working. I tried multiple other shaders, none of them have any effect on my display. I swapped my graphics driver to GL and tried some .glsl shaders, which all worked fine. The problem only seems to be with Vulkan. If I load a shader preset the settings don’t change, and every time I restart my game the shader settings are left blank despite saving core overrides. The only actions I’ve taken since last using Beetle were to install some per game configs (which didn’t touch shaders) and update to the latest version. Suggestions?

Edit: Updated to the latest nightly for Retroarch and the latest Beetle PSX HW Core, now no Slang shaders show in the menu whatsoever. Every folder is just shown to be empty in the browser.