Beetle PSX HW - Retropad/Dual Shock Overlay issues

While the core rund exceptionally well, whenever i switch the Retropad touchscreen overlay from the D-pad to the analog stick, FPS take a massive nose dive. As soon as i switch back, it instantly recovers. Interestingly, switching to the on-screen analog stick and then hiding the overlay (arrow icon) also puts the game back at normal speeds. Same happens with the Dual Shock overlay by default, since it always displays it’s two analog stick overlays.

Do these two analog stick overlay widgets really eat that much hardware power even on a decently powered Mate 20 or am i missing something here? Feedback and workarounds always welcome!

Core: Beetle PSX HW 5359198 (Stock settings) Game tested: Chrono Cross (NTSC, Disc1, .pbp format) Overlay: Retropad.cfg (stock settings), dual-shock.cfg Phone: Huawei Mate 20, all up-to-date