Beetle PSX HW - Slow after updating NVIDIA SHIELD TV



Just wanted to know if somebody else is experiencing this issue. I updated yesterday the SHIELD TV to the 7.2 version. I tried some PSX game (RRType4) in RetroArch 64 (Beetle PS HW core) and inmediately noticed that it was running much slower than before, around 39-40 fps with Vulkan at 4x Internal resolution with all speed hacks active. I was getting full speed previously. I lowered internal resolution to 1x and again, same result , locked at around 40fps… :frowning: This is all using Vulkan that previosuly was giving better results than OpenGL. I will try OpenGL later… Can somebody with a Shield maybe confirm if they noticed this? Thx!


I can’t confirm anything with mine because I can’t download any cores. Server issues on retroarch. Very annoying.


So, deleted all config and core and started all over again, default config, 1x native. Tried rracertype4 and crash Bandicoot, both are locked at 40fps, exactly that. Raising internal resolution to 2x or even 4x and they stay at 40. As said before these were full speed.

Thinking to raise an issue in Github but not sure if it’s the core, or the 7.2 update of the Shield. I can’t roll back any of them in any case, bummer this core was working beautifully… :frowning:


i can confirm that. beetle psx hw, metal gear solid, the framerate is fixed, pretty much exactly to 28.44 fps. the performance is lousy (ogl driver, volcano is even worse). the use of improving hacks is out of the question.

since i have my shield completely new, i wanted to know if this behavior is normal (i don’t have a “before” comparison). according to this thread and youtube videos the performance doesn’t seem to be normal.


No, it’s not normal. GL was okay for me, but Vulkan was not.

In the meantime, you can go to settings > video and set vsync to OFF and that will let the games run their normal speed.

I think nvidia might have done something strange with driver-based vsync that’s interfering with RetroArch’s vsync.


I have logged a github issue for this one couple of days ago. I have also reported it in the SHIELD TV official forums (no idea how to let NVIDIA know apart from this…). One of the moderators there confirmed just today that he had forwarded the issue along internally