Beetle Saturn Shining Force 3 Scenario 3 freezing after Saturn logo


Does anyone have any idea why Scenario 3 (English patch) doesn’t load past the opening Saturn boot screen? The other scenarios all work fine, I just can’t play the third.

I don’t think it’s a bad ROM as I have the original discs and made my own, which still doesn’t work (anything downloaded does the same). Is it an issue with the language patch perhaps or is there a setting in retroarch that could be causing this?


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Does the unpatched image work? If so I would guess it’s an issue with the patch. I suppose it could also be a bios issue though.

Ah I’ve just figured it out after a week of trying. I knew I would if I posted about it haha. I had an extra character in the bin name in the cue file. Deleted it and it works now. Thanks tho!

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