Beetle Saturn "uncorrectable data at sector 0" SOLUTION

I had this trouble and many people do online but there’s no clear fix to it, actually it’s really simple.

This happens because you rename your .bin + .cue files BUT the .bin still checks for the OLD name, so you have to open the .cue with notepad, and change the name to whatever you re-named it, here’s a pic explaining it too.

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Many of the images online have missing or incorrect image names in the CUE like that. Most likely because of renaming or directory structure changes from where the original image was created on their computer. Not to mention many images you get online are not ripped correctly and will have bad sectors and unreadable data as well.

If you create your own image from the games you own, this is not an issue. :wink:


This is a reoccurring headache with the cue + bin format. I suggest using CHD since it’s only one file per disc.

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