Benefits of 720p over 1080p?


Hey guys!

So I am having some slowing downs on DC games, and was wondering if switching the screen resolution from 1080p to 720p would help/improve performance-wise, or if it would not be noticeable. Thinking as the games I play (up to the PSX/DC era) did not run on 1080p originally, it should not make too much difference if run at 720p.

Are shaders specifically set for specific resolutions? Meaning that reducing the screen resolution could break them?


It probably won’t help that much, unfortunately. Most of the workload comes from other things.

Most CRT effects don’t look so good at 720p. OTOH, most CRT effects don’t really work with increased internal res, so you probably weren’t getting great results in that case anyway unless you force 240p in the first pass, in which case 720p vs 1080p won’t really look very different at all.


Thanks Hunter; I’ll stick with 1080p then.

I always run the cores in native res; might need to find a simple shader (if not running it without one) or an overlay that emulates mask/grille for DC.