Best custom Quake PAKs?

Do you guys play custom Quake maps/PAKs on TyrQuake?

Some time ago, having played all the official releases supported by the core, I started checking out fan creations. The quality is often hit & miss, so maybe you could recommend some really worthwhile titles?

From what I’ve played I could definitely recommend those:

Shadow over Innsmouth

Great, atmospheric rendition of a deserted town. If you liked the first levels of Hexen 2, you will feel right at home in Innsmouth.

Vision of Hatred

A nice looking level, notable for one of the earliest attempts at in-engine cutscenes.

Prelude to Apocalypse and Mordrigor’s Demise

Apparently part of a bigger whole. The author even came up with quite an extensive backstory that you can find in readme. The PAK itself is also very enjoyable, with many nasty enemies and even nastier traps, so you definitely won’t get bored.

So, do you have any recommendations of your own?