Best Neo Geo game verions AES vs MVS vs Neo Geo CD

I’ve wondered about which one of these offered the best version for neo geo games, are there some exceptions as well? I’ve seen some claim that Neo Geo CD has the best soundtrack quality but thats all I can remember about it.

Then there’s the censorship which I take into consideration, for example Metal Slug ports tend to have the blood censored and it ends up looking sweat which looks weird. I have only seen one arcade cabinet in person where the blood is not censored and it was a Metal Slug 1 in a bowling alley. I know the arcade cabinets have the dipstick settings but most of the time they set them up with blood off.

P.S For Optional Tags can we have a Neo Geo one created?

Metal Slug 2 (Neo Geo CD version)

Metal Slug 2 (AES)

Neogeo CD : has arguably better soundtrack on some games (i like chip tunes, so i can only disagree on this) while having downgraded graphics on a few games, cd loading time (can be reduced/removed with emulation), and sometimes arguably useful additional features (gallery, …). Has 1 exclusive : samsho rpg.

Neogeo MVS : version from the arcade cabinet.

Neogeo AES : version for home console, known for having lower cpu difficulty than MVS, it also has compatibility issues with a few games.

For regions, avoid USA if you don’t like censorship.


Some Neo Geo CD Games have Added Extra’s on the CD Version