Best "Raw Pixel" Shaders for Non-integers?


I was just wondering what the best shader would be to preserve the “raw pixel” look at non-integers? Is there anything in there that can match or exceed the performance of a Framemeister or Analogue clone console?


Framemeisters’ output is actually fairly soft, similar to the ‘quilez’ shader or GTU. Super Nt’s output is similar to the shaders in that blog post.

The optimal way to get the rectangular pixel look but still have interpolation is to treat each pixel as a rectangle, then render the edges in the Linear RGB colorspace. Just peeked at the link, and that’s one of the approaches suggested there. It looks much better when it’s not zoomed in than when it is.

Really cool to have these shaders in retroarch, I wasn’t aware of them so I used the following method:

Use two step shader.
First do a 5x scaling without filtering, then apply filtering.
The result is the same as in hunterk’s post link, I use this method for all cores.

What is the names of your shader in Retroarch?
edit: Found them using “Everythis Search” software, they are in a folder called RETRO in the shader directory, quite hard to find among hundreds other shaders.

I believe the sharp-bilinear shader in the retro folder has an automatic pre-scale that does exactly that, no? Anyway, that’s the one I use as “default” when not messing around with the crt shaders.

Yep, sharp-bilinear should be equivalent to @James-F 's strategy, which is perfectly cromulent, as well.