Best settings for dell m782p

I want to know what are the best settings for the Dell M782p, such as CRT switch, NTSC shaders , color space. I want to completely emulate a CRT TV.

“Grade” then “interlacing”, that would give a BVM look to a PC monitor plus color controls. “Ntsc-Blastem” is pretty close to what I see on real crt on composite. I wrote a replica of that, with snes-like sawtooth just kept it and using on some of my devices

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Thanks I will try that I have weird problem when i enable Crt switch or change resolution to 640x480 the frame rate down to 37 fps but when I change resolution1024x768 or higher the fps will be full Example 640x480 =37 fps 1024x768 75Khz = 75 fps with opengl only