Best way to run a DS4 and a Wiimote?

Can one run two Bluetooth dongles? I have a single dongle for my DS4. I use it for everything from 2600 to n64 VIA RetroArch, and Gamecube/PS2 with their stand alone emulators. I would like to use a real Wiimote for Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2 and possibly Skyward Sword. Haven’t played these in ages, and would like to.

Anyways, DS4Windows wants exclusive mode and gets testy if it does not have it. The best way to use a dongle with dolphin is also exclusive, or “passthrough” mode. So, can i just buy another and run two? Or will they fight each other?

I want to be able to switch between say, a NES game with the DS4 to a Wii game with a Wiimote, without having to fiddle with any settings in between. Trying to make this box as couch worthy as possible. If you know that i mean.

I tried with my single adapter and each “breaks” the other. Even if i don’t use passthrough in Dophin (Just the normal emulate with real Wiimote), DS4Windows gets angry when i go back to it.