Black frame insertion random flicker


I’m running the latest version of Retropie and Retroarch on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I don’t have anything overclocked. The problem I’m having is I’m getting flicker when Black Frame Insertion is enabled at 1920x240 120Hz. The only system that flickers is SNES. I don’t get any flicker with NES, Sega Genesis and Sega CD. All games are NTSC 60Hz. This is a fresh install. I thought by doing a new fresh install of Retropie that It would fix the issue but noo, instead I wasted my time. SNES games still flicker with black frame insertion enabled even though I’m getting 60 FPS. I wasted my time doing a fresh install. This flicker isn’t even a constant flicker like with black frame insertion @ 60Hz. I’m getting flicker and I’m not supposed too. When the flicker happens my FPS will drop from 60 to 59 and 59.7. Black frame insertion was designed too be enabled at 120Hz yet I’m getting random flicker. My settings are default as shown here This seems like a very odd bug that only SNES games randomly flicker. I wish I can show a video of the flicker but it won’t show up on camera.


Try one of the faster SNES cores.


Which core would be considered the fastest? I’m running lr-snes9x-2010 as my core. According to the RetroPie github page “If you have a Pi 2, the preference is lr-snes9x2010 due to better speed and sound emulation” it seems like if this was the case it should be running even better on my Pi 3 B+ and I shouldn’t be having any problems at all.


The older the year stamp in the name, the faster it should be at the cost of some accuracy.