Black screen on Chromecast HD

So I bought a Chromecast HD and thought on adding some lightweighted emulators. First problem is bsnes-mercury performance didn’t download from the online downloader, I could manually download the core to my PC from the buildbot but there’s no way to copy it to the cores folder as it’s root protected. I don’t see an option within Retroarch to copy paste files…

Now about the black screen I read in the forum that the Play Store version is unsuited for latest cores. I installed from the Store because I want to keep all my settings when updating, and not having to uninstall and install back again. So my version is currently 1.9.12 32bit with the latest cores. I think the only core that loaded was sameboy, bsnes-mercury, Genesis Plus and Mesen all failed with a black screen. Everything is by default, also tried with Vulkan backend but I guess for the Chromecast I should use OpenGL? System files are present.

Here’s the log with verbosity at 1 and 3 for UI and Cores pastebin

Thanks for the help

Uninstalled and installed again v1.13.0 downloaded directly from the web, and now the games load.

I got another issue so I will open a new thread.