Blackberry Classic should be retro too!

Hello retro fans!

I love RetroArch it’s a wonderful way to keep me connected to my roots in gaming. anyway. I’m writing to ask about gaming on my beautiful new blackberry classic. I had been using Meboy on my blackberry 9780 but now I’ve upgraded. I’ve learned that Retroarch is the best emulator for bb10 OS but I’m having trouble playing the way I’d like on the classic.

I’ve been able to go through the User Binds and set my physical keyboard keys and the settings saved. But when I open up any game the physical keyboard doesn’t respond, I’m still able to use the touch screen D pad and button to play but my big thumbs are in the way and I can’t really see mario run across the screen except when he’s in the middle.

Is it possible to use physical keys? if so what settings am I not seeing to make this happen? When I’m going through the autosetting or manual in the binds it recognizes the keys I push an saves the keys, but again they don’t respond during game play. any advice out there? thanks!

Are you using the bb10 os version or the android version of retroarch? Try the android version, google how to sideload it.

Hi, thanks for posting. I downloaded this version from SNAP. It gives me access to android apps on the blackberry. The system information on this version of retroarch says it’s android. I also found something odd.

I configured the physical keyboard inside the retroarch app and it didn’t seem to work, but then I went to play Andors trail and out of habit pushed the physical keyboard keys for Up, down, left, right and they worked inside the game (Andors trail) so somehow the phone took the config that I had set in Retroarch, but it doesn’t work inside retroarch itself.

Just to clarify, games work on retro arch, but not with the physical keyboard.

Do you think it would be different if - sideloaded as opposed to getting it from the SNAP app store?


Yeah download the retroarch apk here on this site, go to nightlies and download the latest version. Also try disabling autoconfig in retroarch input settings.

Looking forward to the native RA for BlackBerry 10, the android’s so bad when using.