Blackscreen wenn starting RA (1.7.5 - 1.7.9) via CLI with GB/GBC roms

I’m using RocketLauncher as an interlayer between Launchbox and RA (1.7.9), I’m displaying RA on my CRT TV, so CRT switch res is enabled.

Now I got the problem that GB aswell as GBC games cause a black screen where I’m still able to see the onscreen notifications but neither the game nor the quick menu, but I can hear the sound of the game. This happens when starting RA via the commandline or any frontend, with every Gameboy core with every rom either zipped or unzipped.

When I start RA normally without any other frontends, I can launch every GB/GBC rom without any issues whatsoever, this ONLY happens when RA is launched via CLI or any frontend and this only happens for GB/GBC games, NDS, NES and SNES are not affected by this.

I’ve started out with a new config and narrowed the issue down to CRT switchres being active. I’ve turned on debug logging but the log neither shows debug logs relevant to this issue nor error logs or something that would help me with this issue.

When turning off crt switch res I can see visual output but the image is squished because of the super resolution I’m using for my CRT. But as I said this issue only happens when I’m using the commandline or a frontend to launch RA…

I tested the latest nightly and all stables up to 1.7.3 until it worked. So this issue seems to begin with version 1.7.5 onwards.

I don’t know about your issue, but I believe those GB/GBC have a resolution that’s too low for switching to it and CRT switchres just crashes.

What I’d suggest is, disable CRT switchres and see if the problem fixes itself, if it does, then run those games at something your display can handle (E.g: 256x224) plus some borders (overlays?), super-gameboy style!

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Like I said, this only happens when RA is started via the command line, so this is not an issue with CRT switch res itself. And my display can handle the resolutions just fine, like I also said I can see the onscreen notifications. And like I also mentioned, RA 1.7.3 doesn’t have this issue.