Blast16: Free Mega Drive/Genesis frontend for Raspberry Pi

(Not sure if this is the right place to announce this, so kindly let me know if it’s not)

Blast16 is an emulator frontend for Raspberry Pi inspired on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and developed with LÖVE framework. I’ve been working on on it for one year and a half, and I just released it for free. You can download it here.

It was considered by Sega for the official Mega Drive Mini, but I reached them too late and they had to discard it on February due to time constraints.

Here’s a demo:


  • Play Mega Drive/Genesis (.bin, .smd, .gen, and .md), Sega CD/Mega CD (.chd, .img, .bin + .cue, .iso), Master System (.sms) and Game Gear (.gg) games.
  • Powered by Retroarch and Genesis Plus GX core.
  • Do everything from the frontend with any controller (D-input mode). No need to do anything on Raspbian or Retroarch.
  • Create your favourite games list.
  • Bluetooth controllers support.
  • Multitap support.
  • Delete games from the frontend.
  • Load/delete save states (limited to four slots).

And here are some screenshots:

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed developing it :slight_smile:

PS: Blast16 is distributed with Retroarch’s source code. I asked through Reddit how should I distribute it because I wanted it to be a full solution (frontend+emulator). I’m not earning money from this. But if I’m still doing anything wrong in terms of license, please let me know. I’ll fix whatever is needed to be respectful with Retroarch development team.


That looks really great. Sega is nuts for passing on it. But whatever, their loss is the community’s gain :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Looks great. I love the European/Mega Drive and Master System aesthetic.

I need to find a complete European box-art pack to go along with this.

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The limbo16 project is a 3rd party folders-support add-on for the blast16 Raspberry Pi emulator front-end: